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Tap into the energy of fall for help letting go

It’s natural for things to decay, to break down and ware out. Everything dies eventually. Death is part of the natural cycle of living. 

This wisdom is reflected in the outer world in fall when the trees loose their leaves and the plants dies back. It’s reflected in our physical bodies through the letting go of our colon. And in our emotions through the expression of grief. 

Fall, grief and the colon are all associated with the ‘metal element’ according to the Chinese Five Element System of Chi. In Feng Shui we use the Five Elements to bring balance.

Just as our bodies need to let go physically, our mind and spirit also needs to let go. If either gets stuck it affects the other because we are not made of separate parts. Our body, mind and spirit are all connected. 

You can tap into the energy of fall for help letting go.

Emotionally we let go through the expression of grief. Grief is specific to the loss of something that we hold to be valuable. We honor those who have departed when we surrender to our grief. This grieving also helps the departed to move on. 

If you’ve ever grieved deeply enough for someone you’ve lost, whether it be through their death or the ending of a significant relationship, then you know that grief brings renewal and gives you what you need to move on with your life.

This energy of ‘letting go’ is also crucial to how we relate to our ‘things’ and our living spaces. 

If we don’t let go on a regular basis when our things ware down and decay, or when our needs change, then clutter will accumulate. Just like unexpressed grief, clutter blocks the flow. It prevents the potential for renewal and keeps new experiences and opportunities from coming in.

Contemplate this fall, what are you ready to let go of? In your home and in your life? Is there something that has reached the cycle of decay?

May the wisdom of fall support you when it’s time to  let go.
Many Blessings~Megan
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