Self Knowledge Feng Shui Bagua

Feng Shui Bagua: Knowledge Area

Winter is a time of going within, yet here in Santa Cruz it’s just beginning to feel like spring. The Knowledge & Self-Cultivation area of the Feng Shui bagua is like the beginning of spring. The conditions that are needed to support a seed with its growth are patience and care. We also need that patience and care in order to cultivate our inner growth and development.

Feng Shui Bagua: Knowledge

The Knowledge area of the Feng Shui bagua (the front left corner of the space-see map below) is about becoming aware of yourself, enhancing your personal development, increasing your skills and your education. Think of it as the cave, in a cave we are protected for self-cultivation. The cave offers protection for deep meditation. It’s a place of sanctuary and safety for the self. 


Also called Mountain, it relates to boundaries, which is a quality of the wood element. The Mountain gua is the beginning of the wood phase. Learning our boundaries and maintaining them is an important part of our self growth. Not an easy task!

I particularly like how author and Feng Shui consultant Susan Levitt describes the Mountain gua, she writes: “When we cultivate self-awareness, we can be solid, secure and as immovable as a mountain. Attention paid to this area of the ba-gua enhances spiritual development. In modern society, the value of meditation, contemplation and reflection is overlooked, yet so many personal and social problems would be solved with focused attention on this area. If this area is incomplete or missing, a lack of sensitivity and awareness results, and it may be difficult to conceive a child.”

What she means by ‘if this area is incomplete or missing’ is that depending on the shape of the building sometimes an area of the bagua may be ‘missing’ or ‘incomplete’. When that’s the case it’s a draining force in that life area. If you need help determining if an area of the bagua in your home is missing and how to correct that, contact me for a Feng Shui Consultation.

The Feng Shui Bagua MapLightbulbs of clarity

Clutter can also be a draining force. Not just in this area of the bagua but anywhere in the house. Clutter is an obstacle to self awareness and growth. It’s a fog that can prevent you from seeing what you need to see or dealing with what you need to deal with. 

Decluttering releases huge amounts of energy in your body, mind, spirit and home. Decluttering is a profound act of self care and will increase your self awareness and inner growth. Often the lightbulbs of clarity turn on, shining a bright light!

Stillness and silence 

The sound associated with the Mountain gua is silence and the activity is stillness. Create space in your home and life for stillness and silence. This opens the door for guidance and inner awareness to shine through. Our inner voice and the voice of the divine has a chance to speak to us when we’re quiet.

What’s your favorite way to cultivate your inner growth and knowledge?

If you need some ideas, spending time outside in Nature for quiet contemplation is one of the bests ways to cultivate self awareness and connection. Nature is a wise healer who creates the right conditions for us to listen to the inner knowing or our hearts. Practices like meditation, prayer, yoga, chi gong and tai chi are other wonderful ways to cultivate inner stillness and growth.

Wherever you are, whether you’re still in the depths of winter or you’re starting to hear the first whispers of spring, may your inner growth be nurtured by the healing balm of Nature.
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