grounded and serene from decluttering clothes

Case Study: Grounded and Serene

People often report that positive things happen to them after they declutter. One client had a major transformation from decluttering her clothes.

She asked specifically for my help coaching her to declutter her clothes. She still had all her clothes from before her pregnancy, all her maternity clothes and everything since. At the time of our sessions her daughter was three years old.

Referring to herself as a a ‘clothes hoarder’ my client loved clothes and she had a lot of them.

She was overwhelmed with the task of going through the huge amount she had to sort through. Her clothes were also stored in many different place in her home which contributed to her feeling scattered.

Step by step I guided her through the process of decluttering all her clothes, her shoes, purses, scarves and hats. She worked diligently in between our sessions and got rid of many, many bags of clothes. She also rediscovered things she loved but had forgotten about because they had been buried in the clutter. That is a benefit of decluttering, finding lost treasures.

Her overwhelming amount of clothes had created a block that prevented her from following through with moving some furniture.

The heavy pieces of furniture were in a less than ideal position and almost as soon as she moved in she’d been wanting to move them. But she had been overwhelmed by the task of getting help. So there they stayed.

Letting go of all those clothes freed up so much space and energy in her body, mind, spirt and home. Now she was very motivated and energized to get the help she needed to move the furniture in a way that worked much better for her family.

The icing on the cake was that shortly after our work together she received a career opportunity which seemed to come out of nowhere.

Career was the area of her life she had set an intention for with our decluttering work. She was thrilled with this new direction for her career and saw it as a direct result of her deep decluttering.

One of her main complaints before decluttering her clothes was feeling ungrounded, scattered and stressed about her home. So much so she was avoiding spending time there. She realized her feelings about her home were interfering with being the present parent that she desperately wanted to be and this weighed heavily on her shoulders.

After decluttering her clothes, she said that for the first time she felt grounded and serene at home and could be more present with her daughter.

All of this was simply from thoroughly and mindfully decluttering clothes!!

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