Water the element of life

Water, the element of life

Wintertime in California is our rainy season. With our history of drought and fire, we understand just how precious water is. I’m happy to say that it’s been rainy a lot these past weeks here in Santa Cruz!

Without water we wouldn’t have life. Water is the element of life.

In the Chinese five element system, the water element relates to our life-force energy and to the season of winter. In Feng Shui we make the connection between life-force energy, water and money. A balanced flow of water is seen to be good for your finances, career and health.

And leaks will deplete your life-force energy and finances.

Are there any water leaks in your home or property? Taking care of leaks right away is good Feng Shui!

Are there any areas of your life where your life-force energy is leaking? Winter is a good season to reflect on this so in the new year you can work on taking care of those leaks.

I hope you’re enjoying the quiet dark mystery of Winter! ~Megan
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