Feng Shui Success Story

Feng Shui Case Study: Terrible Stress at Work

She was an elementary school teacher who was having terrible stress at work related to some aggressive and combative parents. She was an excellent teacher who always gave her 110%. But she was seriously considering leaving her job because the stress was so intense and had been going on for some time. Nothing she had tried to resolve the situation had helped.

That was why she contacted me for a Feng Shui consultation.

My client lived in a small 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom condo with her husband and two sons. I went to her home and after listening to her and evaluating the space, I gave her a number of Feng Shui remedies to balance the energy flow in her home.

What did I find?

Well, you’ve heard me speak many times about the importance of the front door and how crucial it is for the entrance to be well lit and easy to locate. Her front door was hidden, dark and hard to locate. When I pulled into the parking lot, I couldn’t find it and was confused about which way to go. If I couldn’t find it, neither could the chi.

As soon as you walked in the front door, the chi wizzed right out the sliding glass doors, hitting the dining room table on the way. The ‘wealth’ area and the ‘relationship’ area where also missing. That means that the house was not supporting her wealth, prosperity, marriage and relationships.

Another important find was that as soon as you walked in the master bedroom (the most important room in the house) you walked immediately into a wall. The wall was ‘blocking her path in life’. There were a few other things that needed to be adjusted along with spiritually cleansing the space. I gave her Feng Shui remedies to balance the chi, remove obstacles, cleanse the space, and invite opportunities to her home.

She implemented my recommendations and the trouble with the parents stopped!

In her words, “the parents pretty much dropped off the face of the earth and instead of being demanding and barely cordial, they became relaxed and friendly.” She stopped getting nitpicking emails and the parents started complimenting her on their children’s progress. 

My client credited the positive shift at her job with the Feng Shui changes at her house. We hadn’t even worked on her classroom yet, which we did later because she was so happy with the results from working on her home. 

There were a few other positive results from the Feng Shui adjustments she made…

  • Her husband finally got the building permit that he had been having trouble getting for two years. 
  • The fact that her home was small didn’t seem to bother her anymore, she loved being in her home now.
  • The good feeling in her home was so noticeable that her guests complimented her on the positive atmosphere.

I was so happy for my client and she thanked me for helping her find the calm and peace she was looking for!

I love this Feng Shui success story because it’s such a great example of how Feng Shui can turn the tide in a positive direction. Feng Shui is like turning a wheel that generates blessings that flow out into multiple areas of our life.
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