My traditional healing room with new hardwood floors

Moving Yet Not Moving: The Reset

He came on a Saturday afternoon to look at the floors and surprised us by saying he was able to start on Monday. Hmmm, could I get everything out of my living room, bedroom and healing room and move it all into the kitchen and laundry room, within the next 48 hours? So that the carpets could be pulled up and the hardwood floors underneath could be refinished?!?! Yes!

Now the house is transformed and it’s almost all put back together.

Having hardwood floors and no carpet is a dream come true. I’m thrilled and very grateful! It feels amazing to look around and see the true character of the house shining through. The house feels more like itself, more natural, like it was meant to be. And without the carpets, the house and I can BREATH.

Eleven years ago when I found this place, the carpets almost steered me away because of my allergies. But this house is pretty magical and many things pointed to ‘you belong here’. My friend Marilyn dubbed it ‘The Miracle House’ and this home has definitely lived up to its name.

As I’ve been setting things back up, it’s been interesting to see what has wanted to go back just where it was and what does not.

I had already been simplifying to new levels over the last year while I was teaching my Simplify to Thrive course. But having to take everything out of three rooms provides a whole other level of reset.

Things that had previously felt worthy to keep now, no longer felt like they were enhancing my life-force energy. Plus with the carpets gone, my desire to minimize dust and make it easier to clean is even stronger.

My living room has gone through the most changes. It’s a small and difficult room to arrange because it doubles as my office, it has the front door, two other doorways and two walls of windows. But the biggest obstacle has been the loveseat and chair that were just way too big for the space.

I’ve been wanting to get rid of them for years and have even attempted to a few times. But what would I put in their place?! I don’t like getting new furniture because I’m highly sensitive to smells and chemicals which rules out a lot of options.

Living room furniture has always been the most difficult for me to find, which made the purchase of the used leather loveseat and chair so great. Except I bought them for the extra big living room in my previous home.

So yes, even me a Feng Shui consultant with a passion for decluttering, I sometimes have difficulty moving things out. I knew the furniture was too big for the space, they didn’t have great memories, and they weren’t even that comfortable.

With the new floors on their way, it was the perfect time to LET THEM GO even though I didn’t have a plan yet for how they would be replaced. In the past, trying to sell them produced no result so this time I posted them on Nextdoor for free. A cute couple going to UCSC were thrilled and very grateful to get them!

And as soon as they were gone I was THRILLED AND GRATEFUL! It immediately felt better in the space. The thing to remember for next time, ‘listen to your intuition, follow through and don’t put things off’. I knew it would feel great and it did. Now I have room to move my desk where I wanted it to go and it’s time to find something cozy to sit on.


The photo shows the entry to my traditional healing room, now with hardwood floors!
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