Feng Shui Collage for Marriage & Relationship Energy

Earth Element: Marriage & Relationship

Yielding and receptive are qualities needed to be in a healthy relationship. This female ‘yin’ energy is related to the Earth element, the element associated with the ‘marriage and relationship area’ of the Feng Shui bagua. This is the most female area of the bagua.

The ‘marriage and relationship area’ has to do with our relationships and partnerships, both marriage and business and our female relationships. The energy of this gua, called ‘Kun’ relates to tending to our relationships, committing to them, seeing them through. 

It’s that commitment energy that gets us through the hard times. It grounds us, anchors us through the relationship storms. 

Where is this area located in your home?

The ‘marriage and relationship area’ is located in the back right corner of your home. Stand in your front door and locate the back right corner of the space. That’s it.

This relates to the time of our life where we commit to taking care of our home, our nest, our hearth. These actions ground and center us. Earth relates to caretaking homemaking, cooking, gardening, singing, creating beauty, nurturing. These are very grounding activities.

If you’re stressed out or feeling ungrounded, slowing down to take care of your home or cook for yourself will center and ground you.

Feng Shui grounds us in our home and life. Taking care of our home is self care and self care is a quality associated with Earth energy. This is about creating a sacred space that is deeply nourishing and will support a healthy and prosperous life.

The ‘marriage and relationship area’ is the best location for bathrooms because flushing goes down into the earth!

Why am I sharing about this area of the bagua right now? 

Because it’s late summer, the season associated with the Earth Element! The golden glow of late summer has a comfort and sweetness about it. The expansive energy of summer starts to reign in. It’s coming home, beginning a slightly more inward phase. We are starting to come home from the ‘outwardness of summer’ to gather at our home hearth.

Late Summer is the harvest time. The time when Mother Earth gives her nourishment to us in abundance. If you go to the farmers market at this time of year you’ll see an abundance of food that’s been harvested from Mother Earth for our nourishment. So many delicious foods to enjoy!

It’s a wonderful time of year to celebrate this abundance. You may enjoy visiting the farmers market and exploring foods of the season. Eating local seasonal foods connects us to the Earth and the land where we live in a deep way.  This give us a whole other level of nourishment. 

Now back to your home…

If your marriage or significant relationship are going through challenges, or if you’re single and looking for a mate, this is the area of your home to pay attention to!

If you’d like to enhance the ‘marriage and relationship’ aspect of your life, you can enhance your home by adding one or more of the following. These are just a few examples and there are more. It’s best to use something that resonates with your taste and style and feels good in your heart.

  • Add anything that speaks to your heart of love, relationship, intimacy, partnership, connection. 
  • Add pairs of things, for example 2 candles
  • Add an image of a pair of animals or birds, and if they are creatures who mate for life even better. A pair of mandarin ducks or cranes intertwined are considered particularly auspicious.
  • Add a photo of you and your partner or if you’re single add a photo of a happy couple.
  • Remove clutter and any images that look lonely or single, and anything sharp or jagged. It’s not uncommon for single people who want a mate to surround themselves with ‘single things’ or ‘lonely looking’ pictures!
  • Use any of the following colors pink, red, yellow and earth tones
  • Placing a flowering orchid in this area of you bedroom is a classic Feng Shui cure for acquiring a mate.
  • It would also be helpful to add something to the ‘marriage and relationship area’ of you bedroom.

I hope this gives you a better understanding about this area of the bagua and the Earth element and sparks some insights about your home.

May you be nourished, deeply, by the sweetness of late summer.

Love and blessings,


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