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Natural Home Resources

Because I’m highly sensitive to chemicals and smells, and because I’m not interested in poisoning the earth, I use nontoxic products whenever possible.

This is sometimes easier said than done but I do seek them out. There are many available and they work really well.

My home transformation continues, so I thought I’d share with you a few great resources I’ve used. If you missed my earlier story, Moving Yet Not Moving, you can find it here.

heritage natural finishes, beesblock oil

I have a beautiful friend named Autumn Peterson who is the owner of Heritage Natural Finishes. I’ve been hearing of her beautiful products for years. Her passion for wood and her business is inspiring.

She gave me this luscious beautiful oil to refinish the wood behind my altar in my healing room. Finishing this piece of wood has been a project I’ve been wanting to do since I set this piece up a couple of years ago.

The beauty of the wood POPPED out! I felt so grateful to be using a natural and safe product. The top photo shows the wood before I set my altar back up.

Heritage Natural Finishes offers…

“The highest quality all-natural, non-toxic penetrating oil finishes for all types of woodwork and more! Beautiful. Natural. Simple.”

If you need to refinish anything at all please reach out to Heritage Natural Finishes for some great products! Learn more here.

This home adventure also sent me to the AFM Safecoat website looking for some nontoxic primer and caulk. They sent me to Eco Carmel, one of their local distributors.

Eco Carmel offers…

“Eco Carmel is an eco general store with healthy alternatives to the otherwise toxic options available to the public.”

Kristi, the owner, was super helpful and I was so happy to learn about this local store in Carmel. They also have an online store. Learn more here.


Take good care of yourself and be well.

Wishing you many blessings,

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