Reflections of fall-decluttering

Reflections of Fall

Fall is the season when nature lets go and this always has me thinking about decluttering. The leaves falling remind me how letting go and decluttering is a natural and necessary part of life. Everything breaks down and gets old.

When we hold onto those things that have worn out and are no longer useful or serving a positive purpose in our life, this is when life stagnates.

These things pile up and interrupt the natural flow of forward motion which is life.

Some old things are very important to the wellbeing and thriving of our present and future life. For example, our ancestors had wisdom that is needed now to help us move forward into the future in a good way.

But many ‘things’ in life break down and are no longer relevant to the now and interrupt the natural forward motion of life.

If you keep bringing new things into your house and don’t also take old things out, then your house will become crowded, congested and stagnant.

This will affect your ability to live with fluidity, not only in the house but also in all areas of your life. Life will feel crowded, congested and stagnant.

It’s really as simple as that. If new things come in old things must go out. But I know that it can also be very difficult and challenging to let things go. The process itself can feel overwhelming and complicated.

How do we even begin?

Every situation in life requires only one step forward at a time. Only one. I often have to remind myself of this when I get stuck. So if you have some clutter that is weighing heavy on you, tap into the energy of fall to help you take just one step forward.

This could be scheduling and hour or two in your calendar to work on decluttering. Or getting started decluttering your shirts. Or sorting through the piles of paper on your desk.

One step will get the energy moving and creating motion and motivation to take another step.

What step do you feel inspired to take?

May these last days of fall inspire deeper connection and appreciation for the natural rhythms of life.

Love and blessings,

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