Rocks balancing on each other showing the beauty of simplicity


I have been changing my relationship with my possessions and taking stock of what has value and meaning for me. I have discovered that my relationships and my work are the most meaningful parts of my life. Recognizing this is helping me pare down my material objects in an effort to simplify. In general I have been looking at how to do things more simply so I can have more time for what is meaningful.

The more I deepen my spiritual practice the more I can feel the hold my possessions have on me. The more I let go of things and work towards having space in my home for the chi to flow, the clearer my mind is and the more room there is in my heart to connect. It is easier to do the work I am here to do.

I’ve been observing how having things requires time to take care of them.

From the feng shui perspective it is important that we take the time necessary for the upkeep of our home and possessions. Keeping our home clean, clutter free and our possessions in good working order will help us lead healthier more prosperous lives.

Most people lead very busy lives and find they have little time to take care of their home. Usually the amount of things people have is much more than what they have time to take care of or have the room for. This kind of relationship with home can interfere with the flow of our lives.

I often think the best thing I can do for my clients is to suggest the book, Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui,by Karen Kingston. This is such an inspiring book that will help you to see your stuff in a new way and will guide you through the process of letting go of what is no longer serving you. I suggest reading it at least once a year because this is an ongoing process. If doing it alone feels overwhelming, call me and I will help you.

Nature is asking us to take a look at the impact our lives have on the earth and all of life. 

It is time to re-evaluate what truly has meaning and value in our lives. This consciousness can start at home and will have as impact on the greater whole. Go through your drawers and closets with a new perspective and see if there is anything you are ready to let go of. Question everything to see if it has a use or makes you feel good in some way. Make each “thing” you keep a conscious choice. If something does not lift your ‘chi’, let it go. Apply this perspective to how you spend your money and how you spend your time.

Working with your home in this way will make your home a sacred space that will deeply support your work and life.
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