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Feng Shui for Real Estate

Are you trying to sell your home? Do you wonder if it will ever sell? Applying feng shui to your property can increase your chances of a sale and help the process run smoothly. Feng shui will help your property stand out and can correct energies that may be keeping buyers away.

Feng shui teaches that our homes directly correlate with what is happening in our lives.

When we change things in our home it can change things in our life. Some floor plans and inauspicious events like a death, bankruptcy or divorce can create negative energies that could keep prospective buyers away.

One of my clients describes well just how helpful feng shui can be when trying to sell a property, “My wife and I have bought and sold seven houses over the years, and working with Megan Montero brought about the easiest, quickest sale of a home ever. Our home had been on the market with little movement in a depressed market. We decided to work with Megan to make our home more appealing to prospective buyers. Through her work and completing the recommendations prescribed, we received an offer shortly for a cash purchase and a two-week closing. When we balked at the quickness of the closing (We had hoped 2 months), the buyer said that we could stay in our home rent-free for 2 and half months. The buyer did not ask for any concessions on our part.”  Not bad!

Feng Shui tips that will help you sell your home:

  • Work on the entrance to the building. It will be difficult for the Chi that brings opportunities and your new buyer to find you if the front door is hard to locate. Flags, lights, painting the door red and plants in colorful pots are ways to invite the Chi to your door. If your eye is attracted to the front door, so will the opportunities and your prospective buyers. Do not crowd the space around the door, make sure it is easy to get to and that it can open all the way. Keep the entrance clean and the landscaping looking healthy.
  • Clear your clutter. Really go through your stuff and let it go. You want flow and space in your rooms, around the furniture and in the closets. Flow equals wealth, opportunities and the right buyer.
  • Do whatever you can to emotionally let go of your property. One of my clients was very sad about leaving his home of 20 years even though his new home was beautiful and on the water. He was holding on to the house emotionally and the house was not selling. Once he said goodbye to the old house and acknowledged his excitement about his new home, he immediately received a good offer and his home finally sold! 
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