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Feng Shui Tips for Your Business

The feng shui of your business space has a big impact on your success. This is true even if your customers, patients or clients do not come to your place of business.  Here are some tips that can help you get the most out of your space and will help your business thrive.  Give them a try and let me know how it goes!

Signs are one of the ways that customers and the winds of good fortune will find you. 

They literally direct people to your place of business and they are an energetic invitation to the universe.  A good sign makes it very clear you mean business.

I’ve noticed it can be challenging for people to get their signs to work for them.  Some businesses will either have a sign that is hard to see or they have so many signs that it creates confusion. Both cases leave customers wondering,”which way do I go?!”.  Sometimes a business will have a nice big sign in the parking lot, but no sign on the building which also creates confusion.  Make sure your signs clearly state what your business has to offer.  Even if your customers do not come to your place of business it is still important to have a sign.  Drive around town or walk down the street and notice the signs.  Good feng shui is when a sign attracts your attention and invites you in.

If you have read my other blog posts then you probably already know that clearing clutter is always very important!

A few of the unseen affects of clutter are; slowing business down, keeping customers away and inhibiting your mental clarity which will inhibit your ability to run your business. It’s common for a business space to have very little room for storage.  As a result the bathroom or back room gets piled high with boxes and supplies.  If you are familiar with this situation, notice how cluttered, crowded and unpleasant it feels in there.  Hidden places like this can have a negative impact on the health of your business.  These hidden areas of clutter are often in the back left corner of the building, which in feng shui is the area related to wealth and prosperity.  Clutter in the wealth area can inhibit growth, success and prosperity. 

Create a welcoming and attractive environment at your entrance.

Invite the life force energy of the universe to your front door by using sound, color, movement or healthy plants. You can achieve this either with a pleasant sounding wind chime, a beautiful water feature or a colorful flag.  Keep the area around the front door clear of any obstructions allowing customers and opportunities to enter easily.   Showcase products at the front that will attract people and welcome them inside.

May your business thrive and may the winds of good fortune bless you and your business. 
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