Dandelion blossom for plant spirit medicine

Plant Spirit Medicine~ Healing for the Spirit

Plant Spirit Medicine as taught by Eliot Cowan is the synthesis of Chinese Five Element Medicine and a shamanic way of working with plants.  Plant Spirit Medicine (PSM) is a form of spiritual healing that connects us with the healing wisdom of nature.  This alignment with nature brings balance and harmony to our lives.  Plants are more than substances taken as food or medicine.  Plants also have a spirit and from this ancient perspective spirit is recognized as the strongest medicine.

In Plant Spirit Medicine we pay particular attention to the cycles of life, the seasons and the elements of nature.

As humans we are intimately connected to this wisdom, it lives inside our body, mind and spirit.  The Five Element Medicine approach gives a grounded way of diagnosing these energies in a person enabling us to find the source of their imbalance and a way to guide treatment.  Through relationship and exchange the plant spirits help our patients at the root of their imbalance.

Connecting with plants is the heart of Plant Spirit Medicine.

During a PSM treatment we call directly on the plant spirits to come through our hands to help the patient. We do not learn of their healing properties in books or ask our teacher what medicine a plant has to offer.  We learn about the plants through our intimate relationship with them. We connect directly to the spirit of a plant in the dream world and ask what medicine it has to offer our people.  Sometimes a plant will even ask for something in exchange for offering its medicine.  A plant may offer me a particular kind of help for my patients and offer something totally different to my colleagues.  The medicine offered is almost always for a person’s spirit, not their body.Treating the spirit will affect the whole body, mind and spirit.

dandelion in bloom

My personal experience receiving Plant Spirit Medicine has been profound and I continue to receive Plant Spirit Medicine treatments. The healing and support I receive continues to deepen over time.  My personal transformation inspired me to train as a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer. I feel passionate about this medicine and feel a devotion to facilitating this opportunity for others.

Like many forms of deep healing work, it takes dedication, hard work and on-going training to be an effective healer.  For a patient, it requires trust, patience and a commitment to on-going treatment to truly receive the depth of what PSM has to offer.  In our culture we want quick, fast, easy results.  Plant Spirit Medicine is deep, steady and subtle but results are profound and maintained.

For those of us who have made this commitment to receive and to give, we are so deeply touched, transformed and forever grateful. We have experienced the beauty of how Plant Spirit Medicine has changed our lives and those of our families, friends and clients. Plant Spirit Medicine has brought joy to our hearts, the sparkle back to life and made it possible for us to live our lives more fully.  We feel love and connection to nature, the divine and our fellow human beings.

If you would like to begin your healing journey with the plant spirits please contact me at (831)-588-5424. I’d love to share this healing journey with you.

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