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3 reasons why decluttering is beneficial

There are many good reasons to declutter but here are 3 reasons why decluttering is beneficial.

If you have clutter and have had a hard time motivating to declutter your home, I hope these 3 reasons why decluttering is beneficial will inspire you.

#1 Clearing your clutter will save you time

In our fast past modern world we could all benefit from saving time. Yes, it does take time to declutter but having clutter actually costs us time and robs us of precious life-force energy. Having clutter can make each activity of daily life take longer. According to the US NEWS & World Reports, the average person spends one year of their life looking for something they misplaced!

What would you rather be doing with your time? Taking the time to declutter now will give you back time in the future to do the things that are truly meaningful to you. And the good news is…after decluttering, the average time spent cleaning is reduced 40%!

#2 Clearing your clutter will save you money

Life is only getting more expensive. Having clutter can be a drain on your finances. Do you buy things twice because you forgot you already had something or couldn’t remember where you put it? Letting go of things that no longer have meaning to you will fundamentally change your relationship with your home and belongings. The value of what you keep will increase, you’ll feel more appreciation for your things and less interested in buying things you don’t need.

According to NAPO, 80% of what we keep we never use! Think about all those things you spend money on that you don’t use. What would you rather be spending your money on?

#3 Clearing your clutter is a doorway to healing and transformation.

Decluttering transforms peoples lives. Clutter is a fog that prevents us from fully expressing who we are and living life to the fullest. I’ve seen decluttering open doors to creativity, transformation, prosperity, opportunities and healing for my decluttering clients and students. Clearing your clutter will transform your life!

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