Sitting at the lake and mountain in a moment of inner reflection

A time for learning, growth, healing and change

There are many imbalances and injustices in the world that have been rising to the surface asking for our attention right now. Racism is one that has been calling for our attention and for healing for a very long time. Now is the time for learning, growth, healing and change.

Covid-19 stopped us in our tracks and turned the world upside down.

It shook up our lives in such a way that it’s created a space for deep inner reflection around what’s most valuable and meaningful to us. This has provided the perfect space for us to face the reality of systemic racism and racial injustice. We have been opened up and are more emotionally available and willing to go deeper and make the big changes that are needed. Change and healing require learning and growth. 

It’s been a very emotional time, as it should be. 

Being honest with ourselves about how we feel by allowing our emotions to flow is essential. It’s also not easy. All too often we numb out and hide from the pain and the reality of what is. Life is asking us to be more aware and present than we have been. Engaging life in ways that promote learning and emotional flow will help us to stay present and will keep the energy moving towards healing and transformation. This is what we need right now.

This has been a profound year of expanding our awareness on multiple fronts. The Divine has been pulling back the veil revealing what’s really going on in the world. We are being asked to wake up and step up in our lives on many levels. 

We are being asked to expand our awareness of what we consider to be normal and what we take for granted. To deeply consider our interconnectedness with our fellow human beings and our interconnectedness with the living world of Nature. We are being asked to make big changes in our daily lives and in how we manage life on earth as humans. Above all, we are being asked to surrender to the mystery of what is.

Contemplating life looking at lake and mountainNow is the time for learning, growth, healing and change. What insights and learning have been rising to the surface for you? What life changes have you been making or are longing to make?

Because I see the world through the eyes of Feng Shui, it comes to mind to look at how to support this process of learning, growth, healing and change at home. 

In Feng Shui there is an area of your home associated with ‘self knowledge and cultivation’. It’s also known as the ‘Mountain Gua’. The mountain is a place for inner reflection and self cultivation. This gua is the beginning of the Wood phase which is all about growth. The fact that this life area is part of the Feng Shui Bagua points to the great importance self knowledge and cultivation has in our lives. Personal growth is necessary for the health of all other areas of life. 

The Feng Shui Bagua is rooted in the ‘I Ching’ also called the ‘book of changes’ which is an ancient Chinese divination text. The I Ching demonstrates how the energies in the universe are interconnected with our human lives. It provides wise guidance about how to proceed in life in a good way. The Bagua is a map that takes this relationship between the energies of the Universe/Nature/Human and shows us where it all lives in our home. Using the Bagua provides insight on how to bring harmony and balance to your home to support harmony and balance in your life.

Where is the Self Knowledge/Mountain Gua? 

Divide your house into 9 equal sections. The ‘self knowledge gua’ is the front left square of the house. This is a good place to evaluate right now so you can make changes as necessary so that your house can better support your process of learning and growth. So many BIG changes in the outer world require changes in our inner world. Making small changes to your home is one way to ground and support this process and also initiate change and healing. 

To start, simply observe the area and ask your heart and house for guidance; Is this area supporting my personal growth? What change can I make to the space to support this process? Consider the possibilities of what you can subtract, add, move, clean or change in this area. If you need help contact me for a Feng Shui consultation.

Your home is a mirror of your life. Working with your home using Feng Shui is a way to support the growth and healing you’re striving for.

In short, change and healing require learning and growth and life is asking us to step up to the plate and do our part. May we continue this deep process of learning, growth and healing for the benefit of all our relations. 

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